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Caracole Soaring began operating at California City Airport in July 1990. The name Caracole comes from the Old French/Spanish word to indicate a spiral staircase, a climbing turn, and is used in equestrian movement to describe a pirouette or spin or pivot.  This is the movement we describe in climbing in thermals, and was Cindy's sentimental choice, over the practicality of a location name. A children's carousel spins around, and a snail or conch is covered by a carapace, for those who appreciate etiology.

Cindy is in the red hat

Cindy Brickner

Glider CFI, Towpilot

Started soaring in 1974 at Pearblossom as a result of a part-time gliderport job. Rated in gliders first (for the fun of it), then CFIG when starting the school at Cal City, then airplanes for the practicality of towing, too.
Other fun: tried hang gliding but prefers 3-axis controls, Quarter Horses, choral music.  

Derek Derek Lisoski

Towpilot, Comml Glider

Aerodynamics/control systems engineer for “Helios”, highest-altitude solar driven aircraft. 1/3 Mooney 201, 1/2 Citabria 7ECA, half a DUO owner. He says he owns 1 1/3 of a plane. Married Jerilyn, July 2009. Congratulations!

John Shmoldas
Towpilot, Comml Glider

Consultant, guided bomb designer, partner in Discus B.

Line Crew Champions:
Ryan Oakes, beginner for 2008, Aug '10 solo?
Jerilyn Quesnel, pre-solo student for 2008.

These Line Crew work/barter for their flight lessons at Caracole.