Learning to Soar

Requirements for a Glider Pilots License

Learning to fly a sailplane is by far the safest and best way to learn the basics of flight. Even the US Air Force Academy does its primary training instruction in sailplanes.


lts1.jpg (5753 bytes) From Beginner to Solo: This training requires approximately thirty five training flights, varying with your initiative, background and skills. You must demonstrate safe control of the glider and knowledge of soaring to your instructor. The lesson cost through solo ranges from $4000-$4800.

A medical certificate is not required for a glider license, but you must have no known physical impairments which would hinder your safe flying. Once per week appointments of three hours each will have you flying solo in twelve weeks. After solo you will study and build flight time in preparation for a Private License.

From First Solo to License: To earn your Private Glider License, the FAA requires you to have ten hours training, 7 hours of solo flight time, pass a written test, and a flight test. Typical cost from solo to private license is $2400. No formal ground school is required for your written test. Books and study supplies are available from us.

Power Pilot Transition: If you are a power pilot, it will take about 15 - 20 flights dual to solo. FAA requires 3 hours of dual, and 10 solo training flights for Private or 20 PIC solo flights for Commercial before you may take a flight test. There is no additional written required, and this rating updates your flight review. Costs for a transition rating range from $4500 to $6500.


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Jan. 2013