Welcome to Caracole Soaring

Caracole Soaring Welcome to Caracole Soaring and the exciting world of sailplanes!

Our school offers the best soaring flight training in the United States. We hope you enjoy our friendly and informal, easy-going yet professional atmosphere.

We are available by appointment to fly at many different soaring locations. You can schedule your training at our location or yours.

We have experience using various types of lift throughout the year.  These include 10,000-foot-plus thermals in the summer and for cross-country flights ranging up the Sierra Nevada Mountains into Nevada, Oregon and Idaho.  Many experienced glider pilots soar for three to five hours and 300 miles up the Sierras, Inyos and Whites, and return to their launch location for a cool, quiet tranquil evening.

Fabulous mountain wave in the winter months allows for world-record class altitude climbs, safe physiological conditions for Diamond Altitude badge climbs, and for the very experienced, the most challenging of all, wave cross-country training!

We have set and hold MANY sailplane records, state records and also US national records, so please see our Brag Board.  Come get a taste of SoCal soaring weather and typical 100 mile visibility.  Schedule your training with a teacher with a perfect 30 year safety record.