Student Information

These documents may be downloaded and printed and used to study concepts in initial flight training, or in preparation for refresher training.

Airspace Worksheet : A cross sectional diagram of the airspace system, to be used with a Los Angeles Sectional chart. Use with Aeronautical Information Manual Chapter 3, Sections 1 and 2.

Flight Review Worksheet : A written format sheet to progress a pilot through the discussion for a flight review. Includes a listing of FAR sections to read before scheduling a review.

Cross-Country Planning Worksheet : Guides a pilot through the mechanical steps of flight planning, from a weather briefing to calculating for a go-no-go point.

Slips to a Landing : A worksheet to review glider performance in a fixed configuration.

Student Flight Log : A record we keep for each student to track progress.

Checklists for Takeoff & Landing : Our preference, which we are happy to discuss with you for the named items and our sequencing.